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Sunday, April 04, 2010

Oh oh..is it really that long???

Hi everyone. Told you I was no good at keeping up a diary, blog etc.
Well...........I'm ba-ack!! Happy Easter!
I'm going to join a stitch-along. Not your ordinary stitch-along, but one I think will be just right for me! It's called TUSAL and I have to post a pic once a month..of my ORT's for the month. For the uninitiated this means the scraps left over from stitching, the ends of the threads, some call them "Old Recyclable Threads", and TUSAL is a Totally Useless Stitch ALong.
Hopefully I will be able to keep up on this one ;)

As for the rest of our life...Tilley is well. We just had our local Festival and by request, she was again entered in the pet show.
She got a second for her costume...because she had got a place last year, and second for "Waggiest Tail" She wouldn't wag when the judges came past, but just after a friend came over and Tilley was wagging away. When she was awarded the prize the judge said "because once she is wound up she works". Poor Tilley!

That's all for now...promise I will post again soon.
Sue & Tilley


Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I need to buy a Tattslotto ticket!!

A good email day!
Tilley won!

Congratulations! You have been chosen as a winner in the Hill's
Science Diet Oral Care Competition you entered through the Petalia
Her entry:
Tilley visits the local hostel, dementia unit, nursing home, hospital
and is loved by all. She deserves a treat. Keeping her teeth clean and
breath nice will make everyone happy!
She won food! Glad I didn't! I've lost 10kg...I don't wanna be tempted!

But I did win something too!
I won the floss contest at Daisy Stitches :)

Happy Halloween everyone!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Happy Halloween Everyone!!

Ok...all those who have been on at me to post to my blog with updated stitching and Tilley photo's....you win! Not sure how often I'll blog but here's one for now.
Tilley wishes you all a Happy Halloween! So do I :)

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and a Happy and peaceful New Year to you all!
Lotsa hugs from Sue and Tilley!!

Friday, October 20, 2006

Hi y'all from Texas!!!

I'm now sitting in a Super8 Hotel in Ozona, Texas, waiting for Michele to wake up.
I have come out of the room into a central enclosed area with 2 pools and a whirlpool. It's like a tropical rainforest. All that's missing is the birds! I'll put up a pic so you can see it..amazing and unexpected bonus. You would never guess it was here when you booked in.
I'd recommend this hotel if you're passing this way! The staff are all very friendly too.
My previous week was the cruise.
Well...what can I say?
The cigarette smoke on board got to me from day1 and I ended up going to the hospital twice a day for sinus/asthma treatment. Still spluttering.
The three port calls were very hot, Cozumel so hot that I ended back on the ship after less than half an hour so didn't see it :(
Florida Keys was nice, loved all the old buildings. We shopped and did a little sight seeing there. Did you see us waving at you all from Hogs Breath Cafe??
On Grand Cayman we hired a car and I drove. They drive on my side of the road there!!! We headed off up the island and after a few detours ended up snorkeling on the reefs. I took a few underwater photos which I'll have to get developed when I get home. Will need to find somewhere to snorkel so I can finish the film. I enjoyed that part, except when I filled the snorkel and came up gasping! Once out of the water we quickly cooked again!
Our last night on board was rough, but I slept through most of it.
Unfortunately when we arrived back at Galveston it was wet and stormy so I didn't get the photos of all the old buildings there I was hoping for.
Our trip from Galveston to Houston was VERY wet. It rained and rained. Many of the roads were flooded, but fortunately most of where we travelled was on higher ground.
Stayed with Liz in Houston for a night and then she took me to the zoo to see all the baby animals. It was another excessively hot day!! Then to cap it off her car decided to die and we each had to find our own way to our next stops.
Finally met with Michele again yesterday morning and we headed of on our route to LA. I think we get there on Friday.
I'll post when I can, and when I get to LA I will do a town by town post of the missing parts of my trip!
Be good!

Monday, October 09, 2006

Off on cruise!!

Sorry I haven't blogged for a while, but things happen.
And no photos as I am not on my on puter.
After Winterpeg I travelled by train to Sudbury Junction. On the way I met Tina at Sioux Lookout when we stopped briefly there.
3 hours wait at Sudbury Junction and I was on another Greyhound to Ottawa where I stayed the night with Julie and Dale, then train to Dorval (near Montreal). Stayed there three days visiting with Ryan and his family. It was a wonderful 3 days!!
From there another train, to Oshawa, where I met Vic, DonnaH and Lil.
The next day we headed off by car to Toronto and then on to Niagara Falls. Amazing!!! I will edit this post next time and add pictures.
From Niagara we headed on to Hershey where I had a wonderful 5 days meeting many of my online stitching buddies and spending lots of money on stitching stash!! Lots more to write and show about this 5 days, but no time now to do it. I received some wonderful gifts from everyone, in particular a beautiful hand stitched quilt, cushion and some sewing essentials. I was soooo surprised and am still speechless about them! Also had a few chocolate martinis....yummmm.
The next step of the journey was with Nita and Jim to Wichita and then on to Dallas for a show, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, the Texas State Fair, and another small stitchers gathering!!
Michele joined us there and yesterday we came down to Galveston where Liz and Tom met us. Today we are off on the cruise. I guess my next post will probably be after I return so all be good in my absence!!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

2 sleeps to Julie's

A slow start this morning, but once we got going....
First stop was on a very muddy back road where we snapped some Canada geese.

Next on to the Casino..

I came out ahead, so with my new stash money we headed on to Michaels and 2 LNS's.
At the second we caught up with Hazel. We all spent money!!

Then to the Red Lobster for dinner...yummmm.
Bye to Hazel and on to a short very wet trip around Winnipeg. It was too wet and dull to take photos so we headed home to stitch.
Tomorrow, I head off on the train and then bus to Ottawa. After a night with Julie, off to Montreal, by train. May not get to post until Montreal so be good everyone!
Many thanks to Georgia and John for having me!!!
Bye for now!